About RIOT


RIOT CULTURE LIMITED is a men accessories brand established by three men based in Hong Kong. Angus, Alvin & Aston are the founders of RIOT, you can find a secret A inside RIOT logo. The irregular triangle represents three major pillars constituted the brand. 


Many local brands built in Hong Kong these years but they are mainly focusing ready-to-wear. RIOT realizes that it is difficult to find a brand that selling exquisite, fashionable and affordable men jewelry in Hong Kong. It’s like missing a piece from a puzzle, so we’re going to complete it.


We want to…

Hong Kong is city that everyone chases the same outfit, same style and same life. RIOT wants to bring a different angle to the city. We seek a new lifestyle from our aesthetic viewpoint. We don’t provide a fashion style to everyone, but to those who love us. We want to bring our customers exquisite men fashion jewelry with affordable price.


Store: Eslite Bookstore
          L225A, 2/F, Star Annex, Star House,
          3 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon